Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers
Thursday, 6:30 PM , T-Mobile Park

Terrace Level Seating for the Seattle Mariners! Cheer, connect, and celebrate with other IMPACT Players. Go Mariners! Push for the playoffs!

Click here for tickets!

Seattle Mariners Game: September 29th- We have purchased 25 Terrace seating tickets for the Seattle Mariners game against the Texas Rangers. Hopefully, the Mariners will continue to be in the playoff hunt and this will be an exciting game! Either way, it will be a great opportunity to connect with some other IMPACT Players. It would also be a great opportunity to invite a guy who has yet to connect with IMPACT. Sign up now and invite a friend!

Scott & Kim Jewett will be helping run logistics for the event, so after you register, you will get some follow up information about meet up, parking, and transportation options from them.